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What Your Clothing Style Says About You

The type of clothing you choose to wear can say a lot about who you are. The colors and styles we tend to choose have meaning. When people see what you’re wearing it makes an impression. We express ourselves with the clothes we wear. Clothes can show things like personality, freedom, influence, and wealth. People use their clothing to make themselves feel more confident and express the feelings they want to convey.

Shape and Fit

The way your clothes are shaped affects people’s perception of you. Clean lines give a more formal, clean impression. Loose, unfitted styles might make you look more casual. Wearing clothes that fit your body makes you look leaner. Darker colors are slimming. Experiment with funky shapes to include pieces with fun shapes that stand out.

Styling and Accessories

Simple accessories make you look more professional. Less is more when you’re going for a formal look. When you have too many accessories it can overwhelm your look. What you pair with your clothes can completely change the look of an outfit. The shoes, a scarf or hat, bracelets, or watches can transform your style. Wearing one bold piece to make a statement is a good way to approach accessories.

Brand Loyalty

Some people have a favorite brand they stick with. Usually, they can find the colors and styles they're looking for from a brand that aligns with their style. Sometimes there is a certain logo that appeals to them. Some brands represent certain subcultures and ideas. Others contribute to charitable causes when you buy something. There are lots of people who stick with one brand that best fits their style.

What Colors Say About Your Personality

  • Blue- Blue represents calm, loyalty, and stability.

  • Black- Black represents mystery and professionalism.

  • Red- Red represents intensity and passion.

  • White- White represents innocence and purity.

  • Purple- Purple represents luxury and loyalty.

  • Brown- Brown represents nature and tranquility.

  • Yellow- Yellow represents happiness and positivity.

  • Green- Green represents hope and healing.

  • Orange- Orange represents warmth, happiness, and energy.

Darker colors are more formal and neutral. Bright colors and patterns are more laid back.

Using contrast can add to any outfit. Pairing different textures, colors, and patterns gives you lots of options to try. It can make your outfits a little more interesting and edgy.


  • Athletic - People that can stay in shorts or leggings all day are probably more active. Wearing sneakers over dress shoes is more sensible when you’re running around.

  • Free Spirited - Wearing bold prints, colors, and designer styles can reflect your inner confidence. You can make a statement with what you wear.

  • Simple and modern - Neutral colors and clothing with simple clean lines are essential for this no-fuss style. These clothes throw off low maintenance, drama-free vibes.

  • Trendy - People that pay attention to the latest styles and trends lean toward clothes that are popular in the fashion world. They're always on the go, trying new things and grabbing attention with their clothing.

  • Casual - Wearing comfortable clothing that fits your day no matter how it looks reflects a more laid-back fashion sense.

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