Top Skate Clothing Brands To Watch For In 2021

Skateboarding streetwear has become very popular. The sport has made a huge comeback and people of all walks of life are buying skater gear for the first time. There are lots of skate clothing labels that keep up with the latest trends and allow us to express ourselves. These casual urban gear brands stay current with the world and continuously offer rad fashions for everyone. Let's check out some of the coolest clothing lines devoted to skater fashions and accessories this year.


The Swedish born clothing label Polar has become a hot ticket skateboarding giant. It was founded by pros and has achieved huge success in strreetwear. They set trends and produce top quality skatewear. They're famous for their oversized ‘Big Boi’ jeans and wide leg karate style pants.


The skatewear brand Palace has been around since 2008. It all started in London where the company’s clothing became a huge influencer on urban streetwear. This label was inspired by the gritty London skater scene. They release new products in their stores every Friday morning. They’re now highly respected in men’s fashion.


Supreme has been one of the hottest skater clothing brands,since 1994. They are a revered label in the fashion and skateboarding clothing industries. They feature weekly reveals of new products to keep their fans interested as well. They have achieved legendary cult status with their skater fashions.


The Montreal born company Dime is a favorite with many professional skaters. The brand offers classic designs that skaters have grown to love. They are one of the giants of the skatewear world. Their cool beanies have become a cool weather favorite for shredders.KITH is famous for their footwear and more. They have awesome hoodies and crew shirts. They do constant collaborations with lots of high-profile companies like Disney and Nike.

Brain Dead

Brain dead clothing is an L.A. based label full of streetwear that skaters love. This is an amazing collection full of ways to express yourself. Their pieces are created by a group of designers and artists from around the globe. They are well known for their disruptive graphics. The brands designs are influenced by music, art, comics, and skate culture.


Since 2005 Quartersnacks has exploded from the skatewear scene. It was founded in New york city and has become a hometown skater favorite. Their hoodies and hats have become a streetwear staple. Their clothing is athletic wear that embodies traditional skater vibes.


Vans sneakers are a long time favorite with skateboarders. They have a huge brand presence and following. Their rigid design is perfect for ankle support and traction on a board. They offer pro models. If you're looking for the best skateboarding shoe, try their Authentic Core Classic Sneakers style. They are durable, sturdy skating shoes that are built to last.

If you're looking for some fresh new skater clothes, check out some of these brands. You're guaranteed to find high quality skatewear to give you the edge you're looking for. They’re some of the hottest brands for skaters this year for streetwear and accessories. Find comfortable clothes that fit your lifestyle and personality. Get out there cruising on your board, and look cool while you're doing it.

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