How Skateboards Saw A Boom During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has put a damper on going out and being social for over a year. People have been shut out of their gyms and are missing out on one-on-one routine fitness training and groups. Everyone has been facing pandemic boredom and looking for something fun to do. Skateboarding is an outdoor, physical activity that you can do almost anywhere. All you need is a skateboard, safety gear, and smooth pavement. Many people have been trying it for the first time and shredders that haven't skated in years decided to pick up their boards again.

Skate Parks

Most parks removed their basketball, volleyball, and tennis nets to prevent large groups from gathering during the covid-19 crisis. Playgrounds have been blocked off and parks were desolate. These open concrete slabs are a great spot to cruise around on a skateboard since you can't play basketball or tennis. Many parks have designated specific areas for skateboarding. There are even skate parks with cool ramps and obstacles for you to try. Being out in the open-air riding a skateboard is a fun physical activity to try. You aren't cooped up indoors with groups of people. It lets you stay six feet apart and still be able to meet up and have some fun with friends.

Skate Shops

Sales at skate shops are higher than they have ever been. People who have never even visited a skate shop are coming in for skateboards and gear. Many college students decided to start thrashing during the pandemic. Suppliers can't handle the sudden demand for skateboards and gear. Over 80 million people enjoy skateboarding today. Hard goods have been selling out since imports from China have been interrupted.

Social Media

Social media has had a big part in helping skateboarding evolve exponentially. Skaters can share their videos and tricks with millions of viewers instantly. The internet has given the sport access to a broader audience. There are also tons of online learning resources. You can look up a guide that gives you tips on how to skateboard. You can learn some new moves right from your phone.

Outdoor Exercise

Everyone is looking for ways to do some physical activity and get some fresh air. More people are exploring local parks as a way to get out of the house. Cities have started upgrading and opening new skate parks to meet the demand for these outdoor spaces. People have changed their view of skateboarders and are more accepting. Skateboarding culture has always been known as sort of rebellious, not mainstream

Men, women, and kids of all ages and lifestyles have been trying skateboarding. Moms were looking for things for the kids to do all day with schools closed. It’s a great way to keep them moving and entertained and you have to stay away from each other when you're skating so it turned out to be a go-to activity. Some parents dusted off their old skateboards from the 90s to cruise along with the kids. Women‘s skating groups have popped up all over the country. Everyone is ready to get outside after being cooped up for so long and skateboarding is huge right now.

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