5 Urban Streetwear Fashions Trending Now

Updated: Mar 26

More people are wearing urban fashions now than ever before. Since this clothing style was developed and became popular in the early 2000s, streetwear has inspired many new brands and styles to emerge. Each year lots of different street style ideas come and go. Let's talk about what’s trending in urban fashion for 2021.

Bomber Jackets

You have the ability to create cool streetwear outfits without having to buy too many pieces. If the look suits you, invest in a nice bomber jacket, it could become one of your favorite go-to's. A simple pair of jeans paired with a bomber jacket is a classic look that still rocks. Bomber jackets give you a distinguished look and definition to your form. Find the right shirt to wear underneath your jacket in case you need to take it off and you will be out the door in style.

Distressed Jeans

Ripped, distressed jeans are a steady urban wear trend. Jeans are available in many different styles, washes, and colors. There are various designs with blowouts and holes in all the right places. Find some jeans that have enough pockets to suit you. Jeans vary from wide, oversized legs to tight, fitted skinny jeans. You will probably have a hard time choosing just one style once you start looking.

Loud Colors And Busy Patterns

Bright colors like orange and yellow are hot. Floral patterns are also popular again. Think 70s style because bright colors and flower power are back. Checkerboard and plaid patterns are also back in style, especially in pants. Patchwork is also back on trend, especially with oversized sweaters.

Oversized Pants

Oversized pants are on-trend for 2021. Baggy pants have come back to fashion. They're more comfortable and flattering than tight jeans. Wear them with the right shirt and you're all set. T-shirts can be found today in just about any design you desire. This is an outlet to express ourselves to the world through what's written across our chests. You can send a positive message with the shirts you pick or simply entertain your family and friends. Match their colors with your favorite pair of oversized trousers.

Oversized Hoodies And Joggers

Comfortable, baggy hooded sweatshirts are hot right now. Tracksuits and soft joggers are also very popular. Like t-shirts, hoodies offer a variety of styles and designs for comfort and expression. Celebrities often show off their favorite streetwear on social media. Outfits people thought they would never want to be seen wearing in public are now some of the most popular.

Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable

Urban streetwear offers the perfect balance between casual and hip. These fashions stay current with the world but are rooted in our subculture. The popularity skateboarding has gained as a sport has helped urban fashions become more mainstream. Hip hop and rap music have also had a major influence on street fashions. These styles gain more popularity each day. Try adding some of these trending urban fashions to your wardrobe.

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