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5 Reasons Why Streetwear Clothing Is So Popular

Over the last several years streetwear has become a very popular and elaborate player in fashion. Urban wear is a hot trend and no longer seen as something you just throw on. Street style is finally being recognized as true fashion. From youth to celebrities, more people are wearing streetwear without boundaries. These clothes are made for the free-spirited individual and have become more mainstream for so many reasons.

1. Streetwear Demonstrates Individuality

The clothing we wear is an outward expression of who we are. We can say a lot

about ourselves with what we choose to wear. Most streetwear is versatile and features cool graphic designs. The way we dress is one of the most prominent forms of self-expression we’s one of the first things people see when they meet you. Streetwear has a kind of rebellious style, you don’t have to wear what’s mainstream to be trendy. Streetwear is a style for those who refuse to conform.

2. Subculture Has Made Streetwear Very Popular

The origin of streetwear is youth culture with an independent vibe. Skateboarding and surfing in the 80s in California inspired streetwear style. Hip hop and punk movements also helped streetwear gain a lot of popularity. The pieces are casual and usually exclusive. Most streetwear brands make sure they are limiting the number produced of each style to keep them as rare and exclusive as possible. Skateboarding and hip hop influencers and their fans wear a lot of streetwear.

3. Anyone Can Wear Urban Styles, Men or Women

Most streetwear can be worn by anyone. You don't have to fit into a certain age

group or lifestyle to be able to wear streetwear. Most urban wear styles are unisex so men and women can look good wearing them. The days of having to wear clothes that identify with your gender are passed. Feeling confident and comfortable is more important than looking more feminine or masculine. This clothing style is progressive as we push gender limitations further all the time.

4. Urban Wear and High Fashion Have Blended

Celebrities and fashion influencers have impacted the way we look at urban fashion. Luxury streetwear has changed the way people see the style. It has become a sort of status symbol. Wearing luxury streetwear is a reflection of their wealth and stature. Huge fashion labels like Gucci have adopted the style and released their own premium urban wear lines. They've combined trendy urban clothing with better quality and luxurious fabrics. Now a much larger crowd is buying high-end, luxury streetwear.

5. Teens and Millennials Love Streetwear

Young people are always looking for cool clothes and ways to express themselves. It’s fun to show off your personality with your style. Teenagers love urban wear. Hoodies and hats are a couple of the most popular sellers. Young people also have a true appreciation for unique shoes and sneakers. Models, social media influencers, and celebrities are helping bring streetwear designs to the forefront for young people.

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