Our whole message through this brand is to emphasize the way life should be lived. To honor and develop personal connections, to stand out from the crowd, and to be THAT person everyone talks about. To live your life with love, compassion, life, and energy. To stray away from the mediocre, to embrace individuality, and to ultimately make a difference and leave your mark on this world.




We deliver high quality street-wear up to date with the latest fashion. In our clothing we not only want designs different from other brands but in connection to the things our brand represents and what Christian stood for. We want you to not only love the clothes and the look but live life with the mindset of making a difference.




Our brand is dedicated to Christian Nelson, a truly unique and special individual who’s life was taken too soon. Everywhere he went he radiated a special energy and anyone he talked to learned what a special soul he was. He was there for his friends, his family, for everyone, and always lived to help others. He carried with him a vision, and a certain perception of the world until the end, “make your time count”. And with everything he did, he made an impact. He had a vision of living life to the fullest with the time he had and it was this that made him such a figure. Until his very last moment he knew who he was and what he stood for and never failed to stay true to himself.


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